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And let us not grow weary of doing good.

Galatians 6:9

Imagine having no place to sleep tonight. As constant dangers threaten, you feel scared, demoralized, and alienated. One donation can save someone from homelessness, providing safe shelter, meals, and housing support. Even more, you give them hope for better things ahead. For every person we reach, many more need our help. Please give what you can today. 


Your compassion gives hope. Every dollar goes right to work to meet basic needs like safe shelter and meals, and to rebuild lives through training, housing support and more. We’re grateful for your help!. Here's what your gift could provide:​

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    Their Stories

    “When we had no home, they helped us get one, and when we have no food, they help us get it, and life has been better." Those are words of 8-year-old Ivan. Thanks to your support, we help 1.5 million people a year and counting. These are their stories.

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    Helping Veterans

    Every veteran deserves dignity and respect in the country they risked their lives for. Yet too many are on the streets, alone and ignored. Lingering traumas lead many veterans to homelessness and despair. You can give a veteran a safe place to sleep tonight and hope for a better future.

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    Helping Families in Need

    Leah’s mom was determined when she said, "we will have a better life someday." Facing under-employment and unable to afford childcare, she had nowhere to turn. Thanks to your support, VOA was able to help family get on the road to a brighter future.

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