Meet the 2022 Cohort

The inaugural cohort of the Community Health Incubator blends innovation and entrepreneurship of VOA Affiliates and mission-aligned Startup Founders.

August 2022 Incubator Showcase

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Read below to learn about the teams and their business concepts before the Showcase!

 Startup Founders


Hamilton Health Box

  • Toby Hamilton

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Adrian Tromel

    Chief Growth Officer

Concept: Telemedicine-enabled advanced primary care. The lowest cost in person care.

Description: Hamilton Health Box is looking to solve the challenge of healthcare access across rural America. Their hybrid telemedicine enabled primary care clinics are optimized for small footprints and isolated locations, meaning that people can now access in-person care, no matter where you live. The Hamilton Health Box telemedicine enables clinics to allow for the lowest-possible cost delivery of in-person or virtual care, allowing for visits, labs and blood-draws and more leading to improved outcomes and savings for patients and payors.

Early Successes:

  • Saved a Houston-based company $500k in healthcare cost in a year by setting up an on-site clinic
  • 37% increase in preventative physicals

Let’s Get Set

  • Clare Herceg

    President and Founder

  • Feipu Song-Diaz

    Founding Product Designer

  • Jill Berardini

    Founding Engineer

Concept: Fintech guiding hardworking families on paths to financial security

Description: Let’s Get Set empowers the 90M families making less than $40k on paths to financial health, starting with tax-time. Their mobile-first app and text line support new parents end-to-end through tax time to secure and deploy tax credits ($12B of which they miss each year). Their product help parents access $8,500 in tax credits on average through our tailored tools, and reach new parents largely through partnerships with home visiting organizations supporting Medicaid-eligible communities.

Early Successes:

  • Helped families unlock $4.2M in tax credits and save the $300 they would pay on average to get their taxes completed.
  • Product users are 95% women, 70% women of color, 80% first-time moms, and 15% first-time tax filers.

Lifting Up LLC

  • Kathleen Kelly

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Alec Johnston

    Chief Technology Officer

Concept: Using technology to better connect people with the resources they need.

Description: Lifting Up LLC’s purpose is to lift up children, families, and communities by connecting the dots around Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Their tool SmartServices Alerts opens communication channels from first responders to schools to give them a heads up if any child is impacted by a traumatic event. The Alerts help schools to provide resources and supports for children as early as possible in order to build their resiliency and prevent the potential negative consequences of ACEs, including increased risk of some of the leading causes of death in the United States.

Early Successes:

  • Established relationship with the Peoria Public School District
  • Counselors are reporting early connections with students who have recent trauma and providing them with resources

VOA Affiliates


VOA Mid-States

  • Janikaa Sherrod

    Director of Community Health & Equity

  • Valerie Farsetti

    Program Manager

Concept: Addressing Food Insecurity in West Louisville through Community Gardens

Description: VOA Mid-States will address food insecurities and its impact on public health by developing enterprising community gardens in Louisville’s West End to provide fresh produce and reduce food waste. Volunteer community gardeners will receive a portion of their produce sales as income, with the additional funds going into a community fund that will be made available to VOA’s Community Health Workers for client resources.


VOA Southeast Louisiana

  • Melissa Haley

    Director for Louisiana Family Recovery Services, Supportive Services

  • Adrena Chandler

    Senior Service Coordinator

Concept: Community CAN Medical Respite Program

Description: Community CAN (Connect, Assess and Navigate) is a transformative Medical Respite program designed to ensure health equity for persons experiencing homelessness while stabilizing their physical and mental health conditions. Community CAN will Connect with residents upon discharge from the hospital and emergency rooms, Assess their Medical and housing needs, and Navigate their housing placement and stabilization.


VOA Upstate New York

  • Lynn Sullivan

    President and CEO

  • Jordynn Barnhart Sullivan

    Director of Communications & Special Events

Concept: Growing Green

Description: The Hydroponic farm will help to address the city’s food desert problem which has contributed to the overall poor health of individuals living in poverty in the City of Rochester. It will also provide training and job opportunities, as well as serve as an educational facility for local schools including the city campus of the community college and VOA’s own pre-K/Head Start Programs.

Become a Mentor

As a mentor, our participants will learn from your professional experience and guidance to fine-tune their business concepts that address social determinants of health. Effective mentors ask probing questions and provide feedback that help founder teams better understand their customers, markets and business models. Some of the best coaches are not necessarily experts in specific industries, but rather seasoned professionals with inquisitive minds.

By being a mentor, you may provide the following support:

    Time commitment is between 1-2 hours consisting of 2-4 meetings (30 minutes per meeting). You may also choose to engage with the team after initial engagement.

    Interested in Becoming a Mentor? Connect with Us.

    For More Information, Contact Tiffany Gathers, Senior Manager, Social Impact Development
    Phone: 703-341-5000